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Vulva 101
Male/Female: 105 Photographs
No age has explored the spectrum of gender with its infinite nuances and variety as ours has.

Humankind's first and most essential dichotomy-that we are created in two natures, male and female-has fascinated artists since the Willendorf sculptor shaped his Venus as unmistakably female. Each sex has connoted different powers and lures over the ages.

Male/Female combines portraits, snapshots, collages, and everything in between to generate a visual conversation that moves fluidly throughout the history of photography. The images utilize intensive self-reflection, humor, and iconic forms to articulate countless expressions of gender. Male/Female features an extensive interview with Madonna and an essay by Wayne Koestenbaum, as well as excerpts from the work of many of today's foremost thinkers. Among the artists included are Claude Cahun, Robert Mapplethorpe, Luigi Ontani, Lucas Samaras, Cindy Sherman, and Laurie Simmons.
Eros in Antiquity
Book features works of erotic art from the Ancient World of Greece and Roman. Over 150 color illustrations / photographs of Greek and Roman works of art - paintings, sculpture, mosaics, pottery and other works. Sexuality and adult themes in fine art. Includes bibliography. Hardcover.
Two Women In Love
Beautiful, tasteful photographs of two women posing nude by renown erotic photographer Peter Barry.
Velvet Eden
Velvet Eden
Velvet Eden
Illustrator's Reference Manual: Nudes
Fetish Art
It is the presentation of fetish as artin design and photographythat makes this book so exceptional. Art is abstract and focused at one and the same time. The effect does not stop at voyeuristic superficiality, but touches the very core and essence of the world of fetish fashion that has now become socially acceptable.

Robin Cay Noorda photographs the breathtaking creations of fetish designer Doesjka Bramlage. Instead of soulless, shiny outfits, he imbues his photographs with atmosphere and insinuation, alongside a strong charge of eroticism. The result of this mutual inspiration is an exciting series of images thatlike Bramlage's designsroll back the boundaries of conventional fetish aesthetics.

100 full-size color plates
Ed Freeman: Work
Freeman's erotic imagery has been published in books, magazine, calendars and posters worldwide. He has developed a unique style of computer manipulated fine art photography which has been featured in dozens of publications and gallery exhibitions.
Girls are the fresh image of an age. They appear here through the eyes of American photographer Pamela Hanson who captures their subtle mix of innocence and seduction, awareness and insolence - the make-up of today's younger generation. To accompany the photographs, writers, designers, singers, actors, journalists and movie directors give their definition of what "girls" represent for them today. It includes, among many others quotes by Fabien Baron, Kate Betts, Manolo Blahnik, Griffin Dunne, Arthur Elgort, Richard Gere, Donna Karan, Kelly Klein, Heidi Klum, Carey Lowell, Polly Mellen, Susan Minot, Julianne Moore, Peter Morton, Paloma Picasso, Oscar de la Renta, Mario Testino, Christy Turlington, Amber Valletta, and Yohji Yamamoto.
Muse: Desire & Severance
Pictures of Kris
Kris, one of the "Three" from Roffman's collection of pictures of the same name matures from a shy youth to a confident young man, with a clear gaze and natural eroticism.
Exotic Nudes
This title brings together the photography of Barbieri featured in the previous titles "Equator" and "Tahiti Tattoos".
Temptation: Sensual Nudes
Temptation - a book of addiction. Black & White photography of real men, getting lost in men, shrouded in body heat, absorbed in just. Jeff Palmer's sensitive pictures combine the emotional and sensual quality of an erotic moment with the powerful strength of the male body. Temptation is the second volume of photographs by south californian photographer Jeff Palmer, another treasure trove of classic male photography.
A renown photographer's collection of evocative and intimate protraiture of the male form.
This work is "touching" in the true meaning of the word - Jeff Palmer's artistic male photography presents American dreamboats in sensual and intimate togetherness. Muscle-bound men in highly emotional scenes are masterfully enveloped in light and shadows. They open up to the camera's lens with both self-assurance and abandon. Palmer's newest works took quite some time to complete and you can see it in the results. Those looking for a aesthetic snapshot may be disappointed. But those who appreciate meticulously composed photographs of male nudes are sure to be delighted.
Family: A Portrait of Gay and Lesbian America
Nancy Andrews
100 Years of Erotica : An International Portfolio of Erotic Photography from 1845-1945
Paul Aratow
100 Years of Erotica : An International Portfolio of Erotic Photography from 1845-1945
Paul Aratow
Dangerous Games
Keri Arthur In Melbourne’s urban underworld, there’s a nightclub for every fantasy and desire. But for Riley Jenson, one such club has become an obsession. Riley, a rare hybrid of vampire and werewolf, hasn’t come in pursuit of pleasure but of an unknown killer who’s been using the steamy nightspot as his hunting grounds.

Leave it to Riley to find the only ticket into the heavily guarded club: Jin, a deliciously hot-bodied bartender who might just provide the key to unmasking a killer unlike any other in the Directorate’s experience. Taunted by a former colleague turned rogue, distracted by an ex-lover’s attentions, Riley follows Jin into a realm of pleasure she could never have imagined. And as danger and passion ignite, a shocking mystery begins to unravel—one where Riley herself becomes the ultimate object of desire....
Petty: The Classic Pin-Up Art of George Petty
Reid Stewart Austin This exclusive collection features rare images of the legendary George Petty's pin-up art from ESQUIRE centerfolds, pin-up calendars, full-color ads, and many original airbrush paintings. The informative biographical text highlights the artist's life and work. Includes a Foreword by Hugh Hefner and an essay by the artist's daughter and model.
Alberto Vargas: Works from the Max Vargas Collection
Reid Stewart Austin The storied and turbulent career of glamour artist Alberto Vargas took him from Florenz Ziegfeld's Follies in the 1920s to Hollywood in the 30s to Esquire magazine and the emergence of the "Varga Girl" in the 40s and, ultimately, to a lasting home at Playboy in the 60s and 70s.

This is the first book on the works of Vargas in more than a decade. It is also the first to include a generous selection of his vivid original drawings and his finest work for Playboy magazine. Along with these highly sought-after pictures, the book features early unpublished works, unpublished sketches, the celebrated Legacy Nudes, and more.

The decade-by-decade narrative essay and captions are by Reid Stewart Austin, an art director at Playboy for 20 years, and author of the bestselling Vargas biography written in 1978 in collaboration with the artist.
Nude, 1925: One Hundred Classic French Postcards
J. Balbo, J. P. Bourgeron
Black Ladies
Calixthe Beyala A picture of African women.
Joani Blank Thirty-two full-color photographs of women's genitals reflect the diversity of women's bodies. Therapists, sex educators, women's health clinicians — and all women — will find this volume a welcome addition to their libraries. "You will find these images some of the most beautiful you've ever seen, or be shocked by them. This book is a magic mirror letting you know exactly how you feel about female genitalia. It's a perfect coffee table book." Annie Sprinkle, Performance Artist "In these photographs of the vulva the hidden is revealed—as a reality and as an art form. The anatomic variability which makes each human face distinct is clearly reflected all over our bodies, and is now appreciated in the 'femalia'." Sadja Greenwood, M.D., M.H.P., Author, Menopause, Naturally
Nude 1900
Jean Pierre Bourgeron
Nothing But the Girl: The Blatant Lesbian Image: A Portfolio and Exploration of Lesbian Erotic Photography
Susie Bright, Jill Posener This beautifully produced book contains the landmark work of the most influential lesbian photographers in the world, including Morgan Gwenwald, Della Grace, Diana Blok, Tee Corrine, Jill Posener, and Honey Lee Cottrell. Beyond the impact of the individual photographers, Bright writes about the themes that have fueled lesbian photography, including the feminist approach to the body and the lesbian relationship to popular culture.
Dagger: On Butch Women
Lily Burana, Roxxie, Roxxie Linnea Due
1000 Pin-up Girls - Twemty Fifth Anniversary Edition
Riemschneider. Burkhard "Girls, Gags & Giggles" - this was publisher Robert Harrison's recipe for dishing up the American pin-up to the U.S. male. In the 1950s his girlie magazines sold by the millions, before becoming icons of pulp and trash culture. These skilfully illustrated girls with their curvaceous forms and inviting lingerie soon overtook America's national dessert, in terms of popularity, and even developed considerable potential as a cultural export during the 1940s. "Never show everything," was always the motto. Smiling prettily at the camera, the models exuded just the right amount of sex appeal without seeming too sophisticated or artful. They were the 'girls next door' whose wholesome attraction soon made one forget the magazines' deliberately trashy presentation. Their rosy complexions and innocent allures still titillate even in an age when far more graphic material is the norm. For everyone who enjoys pin-ups, push-ups and pulp style!
Poem of the Pillow and Other Stories By Utamaro, Hokusai, Kuniyoshi, and Other Artists of the Floating World
Gian Carlo Calza Shunga, such as the famous Japanese erotic pillow books, also known euphemistically as 'spring images', were vibrant, curious and explicit documents of sexual life, designed to inform, thrill and entertain. This book presents a comprehensive modern study on Japanese erotic art, illustrating a large selection of the best works from public and private collections from around the world. Far from being a separate genre, Shunga constitutes at least half of the output of all ukiyo-e art, and often the largest part of any given artist's production. Once surprising, this is now only recently beginning to be taken for granted, and the qualities usually given to the greatest masterpieces of ukiyo-e art, acclaimed for their subtlety, elegance, refinement and novel composition, are now being attributed to the blatantly pornographic images produced by the same artists. The social and religious attitudes of pre-modern Europe both prevented the appreciation of Shunga prints. The cultural context of pre-modern Japan was markedly different to that of Europe, and allowed a vibrant, uninhibited and widely circulated genre of erotic imagery to develop. Edmond de Goncourt first started to collect Japanese art works including Shunga prints, and published the first monograph on a Japanese artist in 1891. De Goncourt's interest in Utamaro gave sexualized prints particular importance, making them integral to the history of Japanese art and its reception in the Western world. Artists such as Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin among others were known for their love of Shunga prints and were influenced by the unusual framing and arbitrary colors of Japanese printing methods. Shunga notably came to the West during the Art Nouveau period when collecting Japanese prints became popular, and traces of Shunga styles and elements have visibly influenced this artistic period. The most famous and recognizable shunga work is Hokusai's depiction of a young woman being ravished by an octopus in his album "Pining for Love". Compared to Western perceptions of the nude and its associations with sex and the Christian concept of original sin, mere nakedness held little erotic interest to the Japanese viewer. This explains why Japanese erotica is so extreme in its sexual depictions and why many of the prints, paintings and scrolls illustrated in this book depict clothed or half clothed figures. Some Shunga images illustrate famous tales, while others present unrelated sequences of sexual tableaux, often depicting all ages from virginal teenagers to old married couples, as well as all types of sexual activities, be it masturbation, heterosexual, homosexual or group sex. Much if not most Shunga was published in book form, as opposed to the single sheets that dominate the 'normal' ukiyo-e market, which allowed pictures to be easily carried about and, importantly, stored unobtrusively. This is the case of Utamaro's famous album, "Poem of the Pillow", which is reproduced in this publication in its entirety, as are many albums notably by Hokusai, Harunobu, Kuniyoshi and many others. The book also illustrates some of the rarer Shunga works such as the beautiful handscrolls made by such artists as Kyonobu, Sukenobu and Shuncho. These demonstrate particularly the expressive vibrancy of color and interest in surface pattern that are aesthetically important in the Japanese print. Gian Carlo Calza's insightful text is accompanied by 350 color images, offering a great variety of examples from traditional Japanese erotica. The book comprises of a general introduction which sets the artists and their work in their social, historical and artistic context. The book is then organized by artist with a short text on each artist, introducing the illustrated works. The author references the latest in art historical scholarship, but this book is also aimed at readers who may not have specialist knowledge or extensive familiarity with Japanese culture.
For the Boys : The Racy Pin-Ups of World War II
Max Allan Collins This historical and visually entertaining volume shows the role pin-up girls of the 1940's played in maintaining morale during World War II. From V-Mail to bomber-plane nose art, pin-up girls inspired our boys overseas. With some of the era's greatest artists, like Elvgren and Vargas, this book features over 500 full-color illustrations, as well as a six-color foil hardcover which provides an incredible metallic impact.
Darkness Captured: A Novel
Delilah Devlin Driven by insatiable desire, a werewolf will enter hell to rescue a princess captured by the master of demons. . . .

Headstrong and proud—a royal creature of sinuous grace, all primal instinct and lethal beauty— the shapeshifter Gabriella has agreed to serve as emissary to the vampires who rule in the shadows of the New Orleans night. But she cannot resist the pull of the demon she glimpses on the other side of a mirror, and she is drawn to him hungrily through a magical portal into the Land of the Dead. Now an eternal nightmare awaits Gabriella at the hands of a mesmerizing dark lord who satisfies her every erotic need . . . while slowly devouring her soul.

The powerful warrior wolf Guntram Brandt is responsible for the safety of the vanished princess he swore allegiance to years before. Yet it is more than a soldier’s loyalty that pulls Guntram down into the depths of nightmare—for Gabriella ignites within him a burning animal passion that must be satisfied.

But when offered an escape, will she follow her rescuer to safety—torn between her lustful obsession with the dark lord who has enslaved her and her fierce sensual attraction to the only wolf who could ever master her?
Into the Flame
Christina Dodd While roaming the Russian steppes a thousand years ago, a brutal warrior struck a terrifying deal. In exchange for being able to transform into a heartless predator, he promised his soul—and the souls of his descendents—to the devil.
Brutally handsome cop Doug Black is determined to find the birth family who left him with nothing but a terrifying inheritance: the ability to change into a savage golden cougar. His search leads him to a woman as dauntless and exotic as her name. Firebird Wilder is bitterly familiar with supernatural gifts, and flees on discovering his secret, leaving Doug alone once more. But no one can escape a wild cougar on the hunt.When he finds her, they must decide which is more powerful — the love that binds them together...or the secrets that threaten to tear them apart. 

Readers who love J. R. Ward and Christine Feehan will love this full-length novel.
The pillow book: The erotic sentiment and the paintings of India, Nepal, China, & Japan
Nik Douglas
Jeff Dunas.
The Playboy Book: Forty Years
Gretchen Edgren The authorized story of "Playboy", the publishing empire that, since 1953, has been the source for the final word on fashion, society, fiction, technology, and, of course, beauty. Color illustrations throughout.
The Playmate Book: Five Decades of Centerfolds
Gretchen Edgren In celebration of Playboy magazine's 50th anniversary, TASCHEN brings you this ultimate Playboy tribute featuring each and every Playmate of the Month since issue number one. Beginning with Marilyn Monroe herself and including such favorites as Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, and Jenny McCarthy, this chronological look at the history of Playboy centerfolds includes photos of the Playmates as well as updated personal information about their lives to this day - just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest and surely leaving you yearning for more...
Susan Meiselas: Carnival Strippers
Deirdre English, Sylvia Wolf From 1972 to 1975, Susan Meiselas spent her summers photographing and interviewing women who performed striptease for small town carnivals in New England, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. As she followed the girl shows from town to town, she portrayed the dancers on stage and off, photographing their public performances as well as their private lives. She also taped interviews with the dancers, their boyfriends, the show managers, and paying customers. Meiselas’ frank description of the lives of these women brought a hidden world to public attention. Produced during the early years of the women’s movement Carnival Strippers reflects the struggle for identity and self-esteem that characterized a complex era of change. Originally published in 1976, this book is considered a pioneering publication for it’s frank and honest look at women on the margins of society. Original editions of the book now sell for up to $900.00 on the rare book market. This revised edition contains a new selection of Meiselas’ black-and-white photographs together with the original excerpts from the interviews. Additionally an Audio-CD with a collage of voices from many participants and a 1977 interview with the photographer is included. Essays by Sylvia Wolf and Deirdre English reflect on the importance of this body of work within both the history of photography and feminism.

Texts by Sylvia Wolf and Deirdre English. Clothbound with dust jacket and an Audio-CD enclosed in the back , 11 x 9.5 in. / 164 pgs / 78 tritone
Bettie Page: The Life of a Pin-Up Legend
Karen Essex, James L. Swanson, Bettie Page The ultimate girl-next-door, and one of the most popular Playboy centerfolds, Bettie Page challenged the conservative 1950s, posing as a fierce dominatrix, and earning both a cult underground following and a Senate Committee investigation. This book chronicles Page's life and career, telling the incredible story of a woman who has left an indeliable mark on the history of popular culture. 500 photos.
Shunga: The Art of Love in Japan
Tom Evans, Mary Anne Evans
Love and Desire
William A Ewing A sequel to "The Body", this volume contains over 300 images, discovered during a lifetime's discriminating research into a century and a half of photography. They represent love and desire in all its many forms: the love of parents for their children and vice versa; the love between men and women; between men; between women. There is forbidden love. There is love as a saleable commodity and love as a symbol of absolute generosity. There is love of the body and love of the divine. Sex, affection, adoration, adulation; all these words have their visual equivalents in these images.
Love and Desire
William A Ewing A sequel to "The Body", this volume contains over 300 images, discovered during a lifetime's discriminating research into a century and a half of photography. They represent love and desire in all its many forms: the love of parents for their children and vice versa; the love between men and women; between men; between women. There is forbidden love. There is love as a saleable commodity and love as a symbol of absolute generosity. There is love of the body and love of the divine. Sex, affection, adoration, adulation; all these words have their visual equivalents in these images.
Woman: A Celebration
Peter Fetterman This jewel-like, clothbound volume is a photographic homage to woman in all her glorious diversity and mystery. From a rare image of a grinning Greta Garbo to the direct gaze of a young Guatemalan woman, Woman revels in the breadth of the human experience, with the feted and the nameless shoulder to shoulder. The work of dozens of immortal photographers—Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Julia Margaret Cameron, Willy Ronis, Ruth Orkin, and many more—fills this volume with over 100 photos. These photographs embody the many moods of their subjects in a breadth of photographic styles, from sepia-tinged pictorialism to guilelessly modern. A book as captivating as its focus, this small but substantial package is virtually a history of the photographic medium vis- -vis its timeless subject, and the perfect gift for anyone who is, knows, or loves a woman.
Nerve: The New Nude
Genevieve Field Hailed as "the Web's most intelligent forum for erotica," Nerve magazine has redefined and elevated our dialog about sex. With well over 750,000 unique visitors per month, and dedicated web sites in Germany, France, and Spain, in addition to its print publishing, Nerve's brand of smart sex is growing at a feverish pace. In this bold collection, Genevieve Field, cofounder of Nerve, delivers a state of the union on nude photography with a selection of work from today's hottest photographers. No longer restricted to the beautiful but often impersonal, traditional posed nude, these 150 contemporary images burst with color, life, and Nerve: The New Nude captures the cutting edge of nude photography and backs it with intelligent and powerful discourse on a contentious subject.
Pin Up: A Modest History
Mark Gabor This illustrated history of pin-ups ranges from their origin up to the early 1980s, and includes special spreads from "Mayfair", "Penthouse" and the Pirelli calendars.
Image of the Body
Michael Gill
Good Girls
Maya Goded “I grew up in Mexico City, where Christian morals decree what a ‘good girl’ should be, making a myth of maternity and virginity, as if our bodies determined what we’re worth as persons and, in the end, our destinies.”—Maya Goded
A young artist in search of answers to the secrets and meanings enclosed within women’s bodies sets out alone to find the truth. Accompanies an inter-national traveling exhibition.
Good Girls
Maya Goded “I grew up in Mexico City, where Christian morals decree what a ‘good girl’ should be, making a myth of maternity and virginity, as if our bodies determined what we’re worth as persons and, in the end, our destinies.”—Maya Goded
A young artist in search of answers to the secrets and meanings enclosed within women’s bodies sets out alone to find the truth. Accompanies an inter-national traveling exhibition.
Just Between Us
Greg Gorman Over the last two decades, photographer Greg Gorman has carved out a classically refined style that is uniquely his own. In his portraits of Streisand, DiCaprio, De Niro, and Travolta, his fine art work, and his major ad campaigns, Gorman’s images suggest a mastery of the medium that few have rivaled. Continuing his exploration of the male nude, Just Between Us is a highly charged work focused exclusively on one model. During a year of shooting, an unusually collaborative relationship evolved between artist and subject. What unfolds is a photographic narrative unfettered by convention — a bold compilation of images unmatched for its candor and sexuality. 250 photographs are featured.
Eros in Pompeii: The Erotic Art Collection of the Museum of Naples
Michael Grant An authority on Pompeii and the ancient Roman Empire takes readers on a tour of Pompeii, examining every aspect of the city and its people. This presentation of over 80 amazingly diverse works of erotic art from Pompeii and nearby Herculaneum accompanies a meticulous text which discusses the works in detail, emphasizing elements of composition, style, origin, and the mythological or real-life influences that inspired their creation. 159 color photos.
Silver Fang, The
Tamara Gray As the human world struggles with accepting the fact there are creatures that go bump in the night, in sultry New Orleans, one woman is swept into a world only nightmares are made of. But Samantha Houston is different than most humans. She bumps back.... When a sexy vampire and his family hire her to protect them and track down a killer, Samantha finds herself a target of both vampires and werewolves. Rating: Contains sexual content, adult language, violence, and paranormal themes.
XXX: 30 Porn-Star Portraits
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Now in paperback, a provocative look at today+s leading porn stars combined with insightful, offbeat, and amusing texts by an all-star literary lineup.XXX, by renowned photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, features cleverly paired portraits (one clothed and one nude) of the top stars in pornographic film. A cross section of straight and gay men and women is represented, from porn legends to rising stars. Performers in the book include celebrities like Jenna Jameson (the leading porn star of our time), Ron Jeremy, and Nina Hartley, as well as fast-rising names like Sunrise Adams, Belladonna, and Chad Hunt. The book also features short essays on the intersection of pornography and culture by a wide range of distinguished writers, including Salman Rushdie, Francine du Plessix Gray, John Malkovich, Nancy Friday, and John Waters. XXX is a landmark artistic work that will contribute to the ongoing debate about the -pornification+ of the culture at large.
The Lingerie Book
Mitchel Grey Since its release in 1980, The Lingerie Book has drawn thousands of captivated readers, both men and women, into the secret boudoirs of the 20th century. The book captures women's most intimate apparel, decade by decade, since 1900, and its photos show top models in authentic period lingerie. 90 photos.
Blake Little: Dichotomy
Colt Studio Group Original photographic wrappers over cloth with silver lettering on spine and front cover. Silent feelings emoting pleasure, pain and anger, love, frustration and beauty. The silent theatre presented here goes beyond the usual photographs of men. The photos themselves are pure and perfect, but, Mr. Little has managed to pull something else from these images ...emotion.
The Drag King Book
Judith "Jack" Halberstam, Del LaGrace Volcano First book on drag kings—women who dress up as men
China Hamilton Woman, a superbly produced collector's volume of erotic fine art, consists of eighty breathtaking, handmade prints, each with the air of mystery and intrigue that are the hallmark of photographer China Hamilton's distinctive style.The book's representations of woman's essence are alternately gentle, curious, and confrontational as Hamilton offers a compelling insight into the forces binding together the female form and erotic art. This collection - drawn from ten years' work - reflects the artist's fascination with the intrinisic beauty of women and the kaleidoscopic range of their contrasting emotions. Ranging from soft and gentle images to darker explorations of their erotic soul, Woman is a creative journey of wonder, revelation, and obsession. Hamilton, as much an artist in the darkroom as he is behind the camera, brings together some of his finest work in a beautiful volume which will be irresistible to the connoisseur of photography or erotic art.
Tom of Finland: The Complete Kake Comics
Dian Hanson All 26 episodes of the Kake comic serial have been collected in one volume—a reflection of a time when gay men were men, sex was carefree, and everyone wore a big, thick, mustache.
The Big Penis Book
Dian Hanson When it comes to pleasure, size doesn't matter; as we all know it s quality, not quantity, that counts. But let's admit it: a big penis is undeniably compelling. Big shoulders, big lapels, and big hair may come and go, but the big penis never goes out of fashion. With those possessing more than 8 inches (20 cm) making up less than 2% of the world's population, this rare accessory will always fascinate.

In The Big Penis Book we explore the centuries-old fascination with the large phallus, a fascination common to men and women alike. This hefty book is profusely illustrated with over 400 historic photos of spectacular male endowments, including rare photos of the legendary John Holmes. The majority of the photographs are from the 1970s, when the sexual revolution first freed photographers to depict the male entirely nude. Photographers include Bob Mizer of Athletic Model Guild, David Hurles of Old Reliable, Colt, Falcon, Sierra Domino, Third World, and Champion Studios, with each of these iconic photographers interviewed or profiled, along with information about each of their models. And if this isn t enough, the book closes with a special surprise comparable to the Guinness Book of Records Norma Stitz featured in The Big Book of Breasts! Can you guess what body part Dian is dissecting next?
The New Erotic Photography
Dian Hanson, Dian / Kroll Hanson, Eric Kroll The New Erotic Photography is the room, and 55 photographers from 12 countries are the hosts of this intimate gathering. In this 420 page volume you will meet Ralph Gibson, Jan Saudek, Terry Richardson, Natacha Merritt, Petter Hegre, Richard Kern, Bob Carlos Clarke and the many fresh new talents currently redefining eroticism. Playful, rovocative and exuberantly sexy, these arent your granddad art nudes; this is The New Erotic Photography. Imagine walking into a room filled with the world finest contemporary erotic photographers, each with a portfolio of his or her best work. As you browse the photographs they discuss inspiration, censorship, how to find models, and how to make a living capturing beautiful women on film and in pixels.
Invisible Life: A Novel
E. Lynn Harris The re-issue of a remarkable first novel by a young, gay, black author who has fashioned a deeply moving and compelling coming of age story out of the highly controversial issues of bisexuality and AIDS.
Just As I Am: A Novel
E. Lynn Harris E. Lynn Harris's blend of rich, romantic  storytelling and controversial contemporary issues like  race and bisexuality have found an enthusiastic and  diverse audience across America. Readers celebrate  the arrival in paperback of his second novel,  Just As I Am, which picks up where  Invisible Life left off,  introducing Harris's appealing and authentic characters to a  new set of joys, conflicts, and choices. Raymond,  a young black lawyer from the South, struggles to  come to terms with his sexuality and with the grim  reality of AIDS. Nicole, an aspiring  singer/actress, experiences frustration in both her career and  in her attempts to find a genuine love  relationship. Both characters share an eclectic group of  friends who challenge them, and the reader, to look at  themselves and the world around thern through  different eyes. By portraying Nicole's and Raymond's  joys, as well as their pain, Harris never ceases to  remind us that life, like love, is about  self-acceptance. In this vivid portrait of contemporary  black life, with all its pressures and the  complications of bisexuality, AIDS, and racism, Harris  confirms a faith in the power of love — love of all  kinds — to thrill and to heal, which will warm the  hearts of readers everywhere.
And This Too Shall Pass: A Novel
E. Lynn Harris A stellar quarterback, an ambitious sportscaster. What happens when rising stars collide?

In And This Too Shall Pass, Harris takes us into the locker rooms and newsrooms of Chicago, where four lives are about to intersect in romance and scandal. At the heart of the novel is the celibate Zurich, a rookie
quarterback for the Chicago Cougars whose trajectory for superstardom is interrupted by a sexual assault charge by Mia, a sportscaster with her own sights on fame. With his career in jeopardy, Zurich hires Tamela, a high-powered attorney, to defend him, while Sean, a gay sportswriter, covers the story and uncovers his heart.

All of these characters face the challenge of keeping the faith—in themselves and in God—while Harris's heartfelt storytelling reveals how the love of family can help one to face the terrible legacy of long-held secrets. Throughout these characters' search for self-knowledge, Harris weaves the stories of MamaCee, Zurich's grandmother, whose lessons of faith teach one and all that "this too shall pass."

Breaking new ground in contemporary fiction, And This Too Shall Pass entertains and affirms with its stirring message about the healing power of family and faith.
Abide with Me
E. Lynn Harris Dare to dream—

Since the publication of E. Lynn Harris's stunning debut novel, Invisible Life, millions of readers have laughed, cried, and anguished along with his unforgettable cast of characters.  Now, his growing legions of fans will finally find out what happens in this delicious conclusion to the "Invisible Life" trilogy.

In Abide with Me, Harris returns with the utmost finesse to his signature themes of love, friendship, and family, and craftily guides his irresistible characters through new challenges and heartbreaks, and ultimately to redemption through love.

At the end of Just As I Am, Raymond Tyler, Jr., was beginning a relationship with Trent, a fraternity brother from his college days, while Nicole had found love with Jared, Raymond's buddy from Atlanta.  As Abide with Me opens, Raymond and Trent are settled in Seattle, where Trent's career as an architect has blossomed and Raymond's law practice is booming.  All seems well.  Then, late one night, Raymond gets a call from a United States Senator that threatens everything he's built.

Raymond, facing a crisis of faith, travels to New York hoping for the support of his best friend, Jared, who's moved North after five years in Atlanta.  His wife, Nicole, is performing in a revival of Dreamgirls, her lifelong fantasy at last coming true.  Nicole is thrilled to return to the stage, but when things start to go wrong, her young and beautiful understudy, Yancey Harrington Braxton, steps into the spotlight a little too smoothly.  And Nicole, far from achieving her dream, is suddenly forced to reevaluate her life and her marriage.

Back, too, are the other beloved inhabitants of Harris's world: Raymond's family; the sexy and dangerous gray-eyed sportscaster and ex-football player, John Basil Henderson; and Peaches, the spirited owner of the Harlem shop Cuts 'n' Cobblers and the mother of Raymond's late friend Kyle.

In Abide with Me, Harris once again encourages his readers to live, love, and dream.  His masterful storytelling, wit, and sensitivity permeate this enormously satisfying novel, which is both a tribute to his loyal following and an invitation to a new audience to enter his irresistible world.  His "unique spin on the ever-fascinating topics of identity, class, intimacy, sexuality, and friendship" (Vibe) will once more put E. Lynn Harris at the top of the bestseller lists.
Not a Day Goes By
E. Lynn Harris Welcome to the irresistible world of E. Lynn Harris...

He is a devilish and handsome ex-football player, now a rising sports agent at one of the hottest firms in the country. Irrepressible and dangerously alluring, John "Basil" Henderson has a history with women (and a few men). Basil is the consummate guy's guy: a commitment-phobe gadfly known for a double-edged magnetism that has the ability to thrill—and wound.

She is the uncompromising Yancey Harrington Braxton, an up-and-coming Broadway star who oozes charm and bleeds ambition. Young, beautiful, and dangerously crafty, Yancey is prepared to do whatever she must to get what she wants. A femme fatale who has left more than a few brokenhearted men in her wake, Yancey is intrigued and besotted by Basil.

Both believe that in each other they've finally met their match.

A lavish wedding is planned, and the ultimate power couple plans to spend their lives in holy matrimony. But just before the nuptials, fate and a little comeuppance from the past threaten the happy couple's future.

Masterful storyteller E. Lynn Harris takes the reader on a delicious ride into the mischievous lives of two very unforgettable characters.
Any Way the Wind Blows
E. Lynn Harris At the end of Not a Day Goes By, the terminally bisexual John Basil Henderson declares: “I’m back, in full form. And I’m out there. Roamin’. And switching lanes.” Now, in Any Way the Wind Blows, Basil, good-looking gadabout and homme fatal, is back at the top of his game (razzle-dazzling both the women and the men). All is well until Basil’s picture-perfect life starts to unravel . . .
Left at the altar a year before, jilted Broadway bombshell Yancey Harrington Braxton stages her comeback–this time as a recording star–but has she forgiven ex-fiancé Basil, or does she still need to even the score? As Yancey’s star continues to rise, her past threatens to catch up with her and she fears someone may be after her as well . . .
In a wicked little dance of revenge, Basil and Yancey struggle to keep their lives on track, while a chorus of unforgettable characters either come to their aid, or make matters worse. In the mix are: Yancey’s mother, Ava “Mama Dearest” Braxton, a diva’s diva and a second-rate showgirl housed in the body of an aging supermodel; the wise and wonderful Windsor Adams; and the new guy in town, Bartholomew “Bart” Dunbar, a rogue’s rogue and handsome hunk of a man who stands to make Basil look like a choirboy.
With just the right amount of wickedness, love, and compassion, Harris’s masterful storytelling and delicious plot twists will have fans and newcomers alike frantically turning pages trying to find the answer to the ultimate question: Does revenge ever really pay?
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted: A Memoir
E. Lynn Harris “In many ways writing saved my life. It’s my hope that sharing my experience will give hope to others who are learning to deal with their “difference.” I want them to know they don’t have to live their lives in a permanent “don’t ask, don’t tell” existence. Truth is a powerful tool.
“But my hope for this book doesn’t stop there. I think there is a message here for anyone who has ever suffered from a lack of self-esteem, felt the pain of loneliness, or sought love in all the wrong places. The lessons I have learned are not limited to race, gender, or sexual orientation. Anyone can learn from my journey. Anyone can overcome a broken heart.”—E. Lynn Harris
The Vampire's Seduction
Raven Hart When it comes to a wild and seductive nightlife, Savannah has bite.

Older than the United States and wealthy beyond his years, playboy William Cuyler Thorne is a vampire with a nice long undead life—one that includes a steady stream of admirers, a consistent supply of rejuvenating blood, and, best of all, a cover as one of Savannah’s most prominent pillars of society.

But all good things must end.

Now an ancient enemy has come for William from across the seas. It is his sire, Reedrek, the vampire who created him. And Reedrek will stop at nothing until all that is precious to William—his beautiful mistress, his stable of willing female victims, his glorious estates, and his good-ol’-boy vampire sidekick, Jack—is within his voracious grasp. But William has an arsenal of his own—one that is enhanced by the power of voodoo. And when these two bloodsuckers meet, there will be hell to pay.
Hula: Vintage Hawaiian Graphics
Jim Heimann Born of the sensual Polynesian dance that was introduced to America by English explorers returning from Hawaii, the Hula Girl evolved into a symbol of exotci fantasy for American man. This collection of kitschy images pays tribute to the Hula Girl phenomenon.
Courtesans: Money, Sex and Fame in the Nineteenth Century
Katie Hickman During the course of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries a small group of women rose from impoverished obscurity to positions of great power, independence and wealth. In doing so they took control of their lives — and those of other people — and made the world do their will.

Men went to great lengths in desperate attempts to gain and retain a courtesan's favors, but she was always courted for far more than sex. In an age in which women were generally not well educated she was often unusually literate and literary, and courted for her conversation as well as her physical company. Courtesans were extremely accomplished and exerted a powerful influence as leaders of fashion and society. They were not received at court, but inhabited their own parallel world — the demimonde — complete with its own hierarchies, etiquette and protocol. They were queens of fashion, linguists, musicians, accomplished at political intrigue and, of course, possessors of great erotic gifts. Even to be seen in public with one of the great courtesans was a much-envied achievement.

In this riveting social biography, Katie Hickman focuses on five outstanding women — Sophia Baddeley, Elizabeth Armistead, Harriette Wilson, Cora Pearl and Catherine Walters — each of whose lives exemplifies the dazzling existence of the courtesan. She reveals their extraordinary exploits — including their stints in Paris, New York and California — and offers insights into the glamorous history of courtesan life.
Naked Ambition: An R-rated Look at an X-rated Industry
Lonn Friend & Rob Hill Naked Ambition goes backstage at the Adult Video News Awards where celebrity photographer Michael Grecco shows us everything: the convention, the celebrities, the awards program, and the exclusive, private after-parties. Naked Ambition is packed with hundreds of fine-art photographs of virtually every important personality in the adult film industry.
Sports Illustrated: Exposure
Sports Illustrated But it did happen, at Harbour Island in the Bahamas - a reunion of cover girls, Rachel Hunter, Rebecca Romijn, Daniela Pestova, Ell MacPherson, Yamila Diaz-Rahi, Elsa Benitez, Veronica Varekova and Carolyn Murphy. Presented here for the first time, in a lavish coffee-table volume, are hundreds of images from that spectacular trip to the beach - a set of photos so revealing that you will never see them anywhere else.
Drawing the Figure # 20
Russell Iredell
The Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotic Women
Maxim Jakubowski This follow-up volume to the black-and-white Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography celebrates the female form through these studies by top photographers around the world, as well as some impressive new talents. It features the work of 78 photographers (many of whom specialize in nudes), with approximately 8 images each, as well as a short biography and picture of each contributor. Included is a larger than ever number of female photographers, many of whom intriguingly practice the art of self portraiture-a chance to see how gender can sometimes influence the subtle way of looking at the body. There's also a father and daughter team; a photographer who also appears as a model in two other portfolios; the grandson of the famed American photographer Edward Weston; a mix of professional and amateur photographers; and contributions from the UK, USA, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Russia, Argentina, France, Israel, Italy, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada, Czechoslovakia, and Holland
Erotic Photography
Maxim Jakubowski, Marilyn Jaye Lewis
Jean-Francois Jonvelle Jean-François Jonvelle (France, 1943-2002), began his career as a photographer at the age of 20. He worked as Richard Avedon's assistant. Later, he became independent and began working on his own, always surrounded by women he loved.
Forms of Desire
Doris Kloster In the trend of S/M and fetishism in art that Doris Kloster helped popularize with her first self-titled book, Kloster remains the only prominent female photographer to do significant work. Now, with her new book Forms of Desire, Kloster transcends that genre and utilizes her unique position to examine a broader range of erotic expression, pointedly exploring female sexuality in all of its various guises.

With this collection of nudes and portraits, all shot on location, Kloster invites the viewer to experience the rich and varied sexuality of a multi-racial group of strong, adventurous women. The result is a nothing less than a compendium of female sexual expression, exploring different facets of women's sexual natures - from fetishism and role-playing to the use of toys and gender-bending.

As co-founder and editorial director of FAD magazine, Kloster has been walking the cultural edge for over ten years, photographing sex radicals and capturing women's sexual power with her lens. Forms of Desire is her most accomplished work to date; her strongest statement on sexuality, power, and gender.
Great Kisses: ...and Famous Lines Right Out of the Movies
Timothy Knight Of all the grand visions conjured by the movies, few captivate us like that moment when the lovers on the big screen finally come together in a passionate kiss—one that pulls at our heartstrings and burns its way into our memories. In these larger-than-life images of romantic abandon, all the cinematic elements align, creating a magical moment full of promise, delicious anticipation, and heartfelt bliss.

A truly great movie kiss lingers with us long after the screen fades to black. There is the one that helped us nurse a broken heart. The one that set our pulses racing. And the kiss that inspired us to follow our dreams. Who can forget the way Humphrey Bogart sacrificed his own happiness for his true love Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca? The romantic fireworks generated by Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind? Or the swoon-worthy first kiss of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic?

Great Kisses compiles fifty beloved movie kisses—both classic and contemporary—with the famous lines that accompany them, and is a perfect keepsake for movie buffs and hopeless romantics alike. For in the movies and in Great Kisses, true love conquers all....
The Complete Reprint of John Willie's Bizarre Vol. 1
Eric Kroll, John Willie This volume reassembles the entire library of John Willie's "Bizarre" magazines (26 issues from 1946 to 1956) into over 1400 pages of fetish fashion.
The International Museum of Erotic Art
Phyllis Kronhausen
Fun ? game; male models after dark, foreword by Brad Gooch, afterword by Paul Cadmus.
The World's Top Photographers: Nudes: And the Stories Behind Their Greatest Images
Anthony LaSala For anyone who admires the human form, The World's Top Photographers: Nudes presents a stunning collection of photography.

The naked body is perhaps the most popular subject in the history of photography. This book features the work of such eminent practitioners as Bob Carlos Clarke, Bettina Rheims, Ralph Gibson, David Penprase and Kenro Izu, alongside their personal anecdotes and professional tips and secrets.

Nudes will appeal both to the professional and to the amateur photographer who wishes to learn from the best in the field, to celebrity buffs and glossy coffee table literature collectors, as well as to the many satisfied readers of the previous three titles in the series, Landscape, and Wildlife, both by Terry Hope, and Portraits by Fergus Greer.
Adults in Wonderland: A Retrospective
Grace Lau Since the early 1980s, Grace Lau's photographic journey through the world of sexuality, gender identity and sado-masochistic sub-culture has earned her the reputation as a photographer of perverse tastes. This retrospective details that journey, from her earliest male nudes, to her life as a voyeur at "Skin Two" functions and dominatrices' dungeons, and culminating in her work on cross-dressing and post-modern perversity. Lau's work has appeared on the covers of "Time Out" and "Paris Match" and in the National Portrait Gallery and Chelsea Arts Club.
Naked men; pioneering male nudes, 1935-1955.
David Leddick
Olympic Portraits
Annie Leibovitz Hardcover book with amazing photos of Olympic athletes.
Hardcore Crafts
Nancy Levine
Bad Girls Need Love Too: Pleasure Yourself with Pulp Fiction
Gary Lovisi Instantly recognizable by their lurid cover art, pulp fiction has become an icon of a bygone era, but Bad Girls goes beyond the tantalizing covers and gives a glimpse inside the pages with excerpts about love, desire, lust, sex, and more sex, as these women search not necessarily for Mr. Right, but Mr. Right Now.
Sexuality in Western Art
Edward Lucie-Smith Edward Lucie-Smith's examination of sexuality in Western art from prehistory to the present first treats the tradition chronologically, then considers its characteristic themes and symbols.
Madonna, Steven Meisel, Glenn O'Brien Madonna takes a provocative look at sexual fantasies in photographs and words. Specially packaged, "Sex" combines enticing prose, photography and an exclusive CD included with the book.
Lady: Lisa Lyon by Mapplethorpe
Robert Mapplethorpe A study of Lisa Lyon, bodybuilder, in a series of black and white portraits that showcase the photographer's sensitivity to form, light and texture.
Robert Mapplethorpe
Richard Marshall Known for his steamy and luxurious photographs of nudes, Mapplethorpe has observed of his work that it "is about seeing—seeing things like they haven't been seen before." 45 color and 85 duotone illustrations.
Jonathan Mitchell
Wilde: Screenplay
Julian Mitchell To tie-in with the 1997 film release, here is the true story of Oscar Wilde, the man who amused and shocked Edwardian London by becoming an icon of profound artistry, the vilest depravity, and the highest ideals of personal, social, and sexual freedom. With extraordinary depth, humor, and sensitivity, the book follows Wilde's career and personal life. Through it all, Wilde emerges as a man of charm and substance, a true philosopherperhaps simply born before his time.
How to Be Kinkier: More Adventures in Adult Playtime
Morpheous Following the incredibly popular first book in the series, How to Be Kinkier dives deeper into the world of BDSM in the same accessible and fun style. With over 200 gorgeous full-color photos and 20 sexy step-by-step photo essays, this book educates and excites at the same time. Having introduced readers to the fun and fabulous basics of adult play with his first book, Morpheous now takes his audience on a trip into the naughtier side of their personalities.

With an introduction by porn star, feminist and sex educator Nina Hartley, a huge fan of the first book, How to Be Kinkier gives instruction and inspiration on how to discover your favorite fetish and find out just how kinky you really are.
Stereo Nudes
S Narzarieff
Erotica Universalis: From Pompeii to Picasso
Gilles Neret Wonderfully indecent pictures from famous scribblers and anonymous talents alike (TASCHEN's 25th anniversary special edition) From the dawn of time, ever since Adam and Eve, all artists of every age?whether the Egyptian, Greek and Roman artists of Antiquity, or more recent famous names as Rembrandt, Courbet, Degas or Picasso?have succumbed to their fantasies, obsessions and libido, and produced erotic works that the censors have taken good care to keep from the public. For Erotica, we surface from the subterranean realms of the museums to enter those of our national and private libraries. Here we discover that not only most of our famous writers, such as Ovid, Aretino, Voltaire, Verlaine or Maupassant, wrote erotic texts that bordered on indecency, but also that great artists like Boucher, Fragonard, Dal? or Matisse were inspired to provide suitable illustrations for these naughty books. Special anniversary edition of highlights from our Erotica Universalis collection!
Playboy: Helmut Newton
Helmut Newton, Mary Lynn Blasutta Following Playboy's celebrated fiftieth anniversary Photographs and Cartoons comes an arresting retrospective of Helmut Newton, one of the 20th century's most influential photographers. Renowned for his carefully composed, almost cinematic shots, Newton's signature style makes for a dramatic counterpoint to the Playboy nudes known the world over. Collected between shimmering metallic covers are more than 150 color and black and white photographs. Here we see Newton's take on Playmates in Los Angeles, Nastassja Kinski playing out a fantasy with a doppelg nger doll, a Lolita-esque travelog, and more. With a foreword by Hugh M. Hefner, an introduction by celebrated writer Walter Abish, and an afterword by Playboy's director of photography for the past 30 years, Gary Cole, Playboy: Helmut Newton is the definitive book of Newton nudes.
Homme Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
Michelle Olley
Femmes: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
Michelle Olley Femmes provides a comprehensive review of erotic photography over the last century. It is a celebration of the female nude; featuring female couples in images that have been selected to highlight the erotic charge when two women are photographed together, between the women themselves, between models and photographer, and between the photograph and the viewer. Erotic photography is now at the forefront of fashion, and Femmes focuses on one of the most exciting and perennially popular subjects, bringing together a collection of the most significant work in this field. This photographic celebration is wonderfully illustrated with 190 outstanding color, duotone, and black-and-white photographs, including those by Michael Childers, Bob Carlos Clarke, Wolfgang Eichler, Nan Goldin, James & James, Pierre et Gilles, Housk Randall, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Trevor Watson.
Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson
Camille Paglia From ancient Egypt through the nineteenth century, Sexual Personae explores the provocative connections between art and pagan ritual; between Emily Dickinson and the Marquis de Sade; between Lord Byron and Elvis Presley. It ultimately challenges the cultural assumptions of both conservatives and traditional liberals. 47 photographs.
Unmentionables: The Allure of Lingerie
Calire Paillachet
Illustrated History of Girlie Magazines
Rh Value Publishing
Illustrated History of Girlie Magazines
Rh Value Publishing
Art Of Erotic Photography
Rh Value Publishing Art Of Erotic Photography [Hardcover]
Betty Page Postcard Book
Taschen Publishing
Wild Love
N. Richardson, Chermayef Wild Love takes you on a journey through thirty-six mating rituals, from the cumbersome wooing of giant tortoises to the passionate flight of courting egrets to the cruel dance of the praying mantis. Full of stunning photography by such renowned nature photographers as Art Wolfe, Jim Brandenburg, Jeff Foott, and Frans Lanting, and complete with entertaining and informative text on each species, Wild Love is sure to sure to surprise and seduce.
Nude Photography: Masterpieces from the Past 150 Years
Peter-Cornell Richter The dawn of the daguerrotype 150 years ago has brought not only the birth of photography, but a renaissance in the study of nudes as well. This book tells the story of nudes in the photographic medium, from the world's most important photographers. Starting with the pioneer Daguerre, whose 1839 photograph of a nude sculpture set artistic precedent, this book spans the decades to early twentieth century greats such as Alfred Steiglitz, Man Ray and Brassai, to contemporary photographers such as Robert Mapplethorpe, David Levinthal and Duane Michals. The volume is a tour through a photographic gallery which treats the viewer to aspects of female beauty from the perspective of the camera lens. Set against a historical background, this book contrasts the art of taking pictures and its technological innovations with the academic tradition of painting nudes. The appearance of a new means of capturing the nude, the camera, introduced an entirely new dimension to the fine arts. The volume highlights the once fervent competition between the two media of photography and painting, with refinements in technology allowing the newer art form to come into its own. Each photograph is accompanied by a short essay that explains its story and interprets the photographic subjects. Biographical entries summarize the information belonging to each work.
I'll Show You Mine
Wrenna Robertson (editor), Wrenna Robertson ABOUT THE PROJECT:

Women are now more concerned than ever about the appearance of their genitals. The convergence of the trend to remove pubic hair which leaves the vulva more visible and open to scrutiny, the normalization of oral sex, and the ubiquitous exposure to pornography and the unrealistic ideals it creates, have led an increasing number of women to feel serious anxiety about their own genitalia. Frequently this manifests as a lack of self-confidence or diminished body self-image; for an increasing number of women, the level of psychological distress is so severe that they undergo genital cosmetic surgery. Labiaplasty (reduction of the inner labia, most often for cosmetic purposes) is now the fastest growing type of cosmetic surgery and is in many ways following the same growth pattern and cultural acceptance as breast augmentation did in its early years.

While vulvas are more visible than ever, most women still have a strong sense of shame with regard to discussing or displaying their own, or looking at another's vulva. Pornography, whether online or in print, has come to serve as a very common tool by which women and men learn about sexual behavior and anatomy. Unfortunately, pornography depicts a severely limited scope of genital diversity. Analyses have found that there is a strong tendency to display genitals at the extreme end of the range of diversity: small, hairless and with little or no visible inner labia. This misrepresentation is dangerous as it conveys an artificial norm to which women often feel they need to conform.

There are very few resource tools available for women and men to gain a true appreciation of genital diversity. This skewed understanding leads many women to feel that they are alone and abnormal in their body and in their experience. The awareness of such procedures as labiaplasty can serve to further heighten women's belief that there is in fact a "normal", and that surgery is a suitable remedy for "abnormal" genitalia. This project stands in defiance of these societal constructions which serve to limit our growth, understanding and empowerment.

Visit our website to learn more or to join the conversation.



I'll Show You Mine is a photo study of female genitalia and a window into women's experiences of their genitals. The book contains 120 photographs of 60 women, with all women photographed from the same two positions. Each woman was photographed in the same conditions and the photos are shown in the book in true-to-life size and color, as this is the best method to accurately display the diversity of female form. Accompanying each woman's photos is text written by the woman, detailing her challenges and/or successes as pertains to her relationship with her genitals. The photos in the book demonstrate and celebrate the wonderful diversity of the vulva; the stories illuminate the range of experiences that women have relating to their genitals in a world where mass media and pornography increasingly set the standards for sexuality and the look of all body parts, even our genitals.

The book is printed in Canada and is made to the highest quality in all ways: it is 7" tall by 10" wide and opens in a landscape layout; the paper is matte 100 lb FSC-approved stock and the ink is soy based; the covers and spine are coated with a scuff-proof laminate that protects them from minor damage and all but eliminates fingerprints.

10% of the sales of the book is donated to women's charities, locally and internationally.

The book is available free of charge for educational use to women's, men's, teen and family resource centres; physician's offices; sexual health clinics; K-12 school counselors; college counseling and resource centres; and more. Visit our website for more information.
Body Packaging: A Guide to Human Sexual Display
Very Naughty Origami
Nick Robinson Who knew that an innocent piece of paper could be so erotic after a few well-placed folds? Anyone who thought of origami as child's play is in for a surprise with this funny and entertaining book that goes where no other origami books have gone before. Combining the ancient Japanese art of origami with humor and sex, each project transforms an average piece of chaste, virgin paper into something both artistic and enticing. Anyone can go from making simple airplanes to whipping up giant sperms and novelty boobs with simple and evocative line-drawings, easy-to-follow instructions, and color photographs of the finished art. Each project is also accompanied by amusing tales of the inspiration behind it, like "Randy Rabbits," which was inspired by the popular phrase about the legendary insatiable sexual appetite of rabbits.
Other humorous and sexy projects include:
o Coupling-Miniature human figures you can arrange any way you like to act out the Kama Sutra or a big, fat orgy.
o Schwanstucker-A surprisingly accurate and anatomically correct recreation of the penis, fully movable with a gentle squeeze.
o Where's the Magic Bean?-A handy little helper that can guide any man to the land of the unknown called the clitoris.
This is the perfect book for origami enthusiasts in search of new and unusual projects, couples looking for fun and exciting games, jokesters looking for odd and entertaining party tricks, or anyone who can appreciate naughty arts and crafts.
Lust & Romance: Rated X Fine Art Photographs
Michael A. Rosen Soft and romantic images of explicit sex that challenge the concept of pornography, using the digital computer to enhance but not falsify.
Romancing the Vampire: Collectors Vault NOT AVAILABLE FOR CHECKOUT
David J. Skal Long before Edward Cullen and the Twilight phenomenon, there was Angel, Barnabas Collins and Bela Lugosi, and many others in between. They are vampires the undead. Add an infusion of Bella, Buffy and Carla Laemmle, then sprinkle in unforgettable characters such as Renfield and little Eddie Munster, and you have a capsule of how cinematic vampires are viewed by today s world. But there were vampires walking this earth long before the invention of movies and television. In this book, author David J. Skal weaves a narrative history of vampirism, from the ancient Aztecs through the writings of Bram Stoker, Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyer. But what makes this book even more unique are the replicas tucked inside sleeves and pockets. There are removable photos of Bram Stoker, Carmilla and Lord Byron. For movie buffs, it has posters from Nosferatu, Dracula Has Risen From The Grave starring Christopher Lee, and Bram Stoker s Dracula along with a replica of Stoker s Dracula notes. Take a walk through the history of the undead, with romance, horror and blood along the way.
Erotic Art of the Masters: The 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries
Bradley Smith
Sappho the Art of Loving Women Poetry of Sappho
J.F Smith Sappho the Art of Loving Women Poetry of Sappho [Hardcover] J.F Smith (Author)
Snake Hips: Belly Dancing and How I Found True Love
Anne Thomas Soffee This hilariously uplifting memoir follows an Arab American woman's merry life as she shimmies her way from getting dumped by her tattoo-artist boyfriend to coming to grips with being single, ample, and 30. Feeling lost and heartbroken, Anne Thomas Soffee moves back home to Richmond, Virginia. Against the wishes of her extended family and friends, she enrolls in a belly dancing class hoping to heal her heart and reconnect with her Lebanese roots. Her life is never the same after she discovers the riotous world of American belly dancing, a warm and welcoming subculture where younger and thinner are not necessarily better. Wildly funny adventures ensue as a newly confident Soffee embarks on romantic adventures with a domineering sheik and a beautiful Lebanese boy-next-door. Among the zils (finger cymbals) and thrills of attending classes and performing in moose lodges and county fairs, Soffee is surprised to find happiness and true love along the way.
199 Vaginas: The Ultimate Photo Collection
Keyser B Soze Vaginas, vaginas, and even MORE vaginas. Feel like a gynecologist when you see how close some of these photos take you to the love canal, also known as the "pussy". These color pictures range from three inches away to three feet away. Men and lesbians alike will love comparing the different vagina pictures, all fully nude / naked, all in full color. There are wrinkly vaginas, smooth vaginas, hairy vaginas, shaved vaginas, puffy vaginas, and shrunken vaginas... open vaginas, and closed vaginas.... pale colored vaginas, rich deep colored vaginas.... This is an 5 by 8 book with two pictures per page, so these certainly bring the vagina to life. Don't think of this as XXX Sex Porn, think of it as beautiful feminine erotic art. All shapes, sizes, and colors are in this book, a compelling collection of women from around the world. No actual sex, but WARNING; VERY GRAPHIC NUDITY.
How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
Kerrelyn Sparks So what if he's a bit older and usually regards a human female as dinner, not a dinner date? Yes, Roman Draganesti is a vampire, but a vampire who lost one of his fangs sinking his teeth into something he shouldn't have. Now he has one night to find a dentist before his natural healing abilities close the wound, leaving him a lop–sided eater for all eternity.

Things aren't going well for Shanna Whelan either...After witnessing a gruesome murder by the Russian mafia, she's next on their hit list. And her career as a dentist appears to be on a downward spiral because she's afraid of blood. When Roman rescues her from an assassination attempt, she wonders if she's found the one man who can keep her alive. Though the attraction between them is immediate and hot, can Shanna conquer her fear of blood to fix Roman's fang? And if she does, what will prevent Roman from using his fangs on her...
Dreaming of the Wolf
Terry Spear A FIERCE HUNTER...

Alicia Greiston is a no-nonsense bounty hunter determined to bring a ring of mobsters to justice. Her dogged pursuit of the crime family has forced her to avoid relationships— any man would only become a target for retribution. Luckily, Jake Silver is more than a man, and his instincts are telling him to stop at nothing to protect her.


However, the mob isn't entirely human either, and soon Alicia must flee for her life. When Alicia and Jake's passion begins to spill over into their dreams, Jake learns he will have to do more than defend her— he'll have to show his mate the way of the wolf.

Praise for Wolf Forever:

"Riveting and entertaining...makes one want to devour the rest of Terry Spear's books."
—Fresh Fiction

"Sensual, passionate, and very well written...another winnter of a story."
—The Long and Short of It

"A must read...the chemistry is sizzling."
—RomFan Reviews

"Full of nail-biting suspense, sexy scenes, and plenty of hot alphas...Spear knows how to keep her readers riveted."
—Love Passion Romance
High Heels: Fashion, Femininity & Seduction
Valerie Steele, Tim Blanks, Philip Delamore, James Crump, Ivan Vartanian The high-heeled shoe conjures self-assured allure and erotic intoxication like no other item of women's wear. Just recently the high heel has undergone a massive resurgence in popularity, in part reinventing itself through an overt invoking of fetish, with which the heel has of course always had some relationship. Built around a selection of images of heels from contemporary photography, High Heels: Fashion, Femininity and Seduction explores the confluence of art, fashion and fetish in the cult of high heels swooping down the fashion show runways and city streets everywhere. Illustrated with works from photographers such as Guy Bourdin, Juergen Teller, Bettina Rheims, Marilyn Minter, Tim Walker, Steven Klein, David Lachapelle and Vanessa Beecroft, among many others, High Heels also includes several important texts: an essay by Valerie Steele on the industry forces behind high-heel design; Tim Blanks of interviews Manolo Blahnik and Nicholas Kirkwood; Philip Delamore describes the technological developments behind the extreme contours of recent shoe design; Stella Bruzzi on high heels, gender, and representation in film; and an introduction by Ivan Vartanian, in conversation with James Crump, discusses the high heel as a vehicle for discussing a fetish for photography in general. High Heels is a visual odyssey through the powerful ideas of beauty, danger and seduction that the high heel evokes.
Va Va Voom!: Bombshells, Pin-Ups, Sexpots and Glamour Girls
Steve Sullivan In the '40s and '50s, the bold, breathtaking glamour girls who stepped into the spotlight were a special group, almost magical, and they captured the imagination of men (and the secret admiration of women) like never before. In this book, more than 100 of these women are profiled, including Mamie Van Doren, Betty Brosmer, Jayne Mansfield, and Blaze Starr. Photos, many in color.
The Body Sacred
Dianne Sylvan When you look in the mirror, do you see a Goddess? For anyone who's experienced a "fat day" or wished a doctor could make them younger, Wiccan Dianne Sylvan speaks candidly about overcoming body hatred and offers a spiritual path back to Divine femininity.

Sharing her own struggles with poor body image and self-acceptance, Sylvan explores how the impossible standard of female beauty has developed and endured. Emphasizing the Mother, the Healer, the Lover, and other archetypes of one's relationship with the sacred body, the author provides a uniquely Wiccan approach to achieving a healthy, new self-perception as Goddess.

"This topical guide to reclaiming a positive self-image, which builds on foundations presented in Sylvan's earlier work and is written in a very personal and approachable style, is not imbued with self-help jargon and platitudes but with the author's hard-won self-respect and perspective."—LIBRARY JOURNAL

"Marrying cultural critique with user-friendly how-to, [Sylvan] urges readers to reject society's insistence that they spend countless hours and billions of dollars trying to look thin and youthful. Rather, says Sylvan, women should embrace their bodies for what they are—incarnations of the Goddess. Above all, this book is practical... What distinguishes this book more than anything is Sylvan's sense of humor—she's tackling a serious topic, but she'll have readers laughing from page one."—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
Burlesque and the Art of the Teese/Fetish and the Art of the Teese
Dita Von Teese On one side, Dita Von Teese shares the beauty of the burlesque world, with bubblegum dreams and show tunes to strip to. Flip over for fantasies in fetish with dramatic costumes and the allure of submission.

Burlesque and the Art of the Teese

"I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute."

I'm a good dancer and a nice girl, but I'm a great showgirl. I sell, in a word, magic. Burlesque is a world of illusion and dreams and of course, the striptease. Whether I am bathing in my martini glass, riding my sparkling carousel horse, or emerging from my giant gold powder compact, I live out my most glamorous fantasies by bringing nostalgic imagery to life.

Let me show you my world of gorgeous pin-ups, tantalizing stripteases, and femmes fatales. I'll give you a glimpse into my life, but a lady never reveals all.

Fetish and the Art of the Teese

You may have come for the fetish. Or you may just be sneaking a peek at this mysterious and peculiar other side. No matter what you've come for, there is something for you to indulge in.

My world of fetish may not be the one that you would expect. As a burlesque performer, I entice my audience, bringing their minds closer and closer to sex and then — as good temptress must — snatching it away. As a fetish star, I apply the same techniques. . . .

An opera-length kid leather glove, a strict wasp waist, an impossibly high patent leather heel, a severely painted red lip. . . . Come with me into my world of decadent fetishism.
Black & White Nude Photography
Stan Trampe Exploring the timeless fine art of nude images in black and white, this guide teaches photographers how to find and interview prospective models, choose locations and equipment, approach a photo session, create moods with light, enhance shots with special effects, incorporate fabrics and props, and develop a portfolio. Typical shooting scenarios and model testimonies are also included.
Alberto Vargas, Reid Austin Illustrated throughout with Vargas art work. Foreword by Hugh Hefner. Illustrated by Alberto Vargas which includes 200 illustrations, 60 in full color.
Showgirls: Portrait of a Film
Paul Verhoeven Capturing the extravagance of the controversial film, this lavishly illustrated photography/film book brilliantly displays the erotically-charged steamy drama of the sex-soaked world of Las Vegas lap dancing, strip clubs, and top-of-the-line topless showgirl revues. Set against the bright lights, glitz, and glamour of the Las Vegas stage, Showgirls is an erotic, exotic, and often gritty expose of life behind the scenes on the strip. Here are portfolios of four distinguished photographers who were invited to the production of this film to capture the glittery world of Las Vegas sex, glamour and spectacle. The more than seventy powerful images—with over fifty in vibrant full-color, the others in rich, quadratone black-and-white—are introduced by the director's candid essay about the artists, and his own approach to moviemaking. 96 photos: 65 color plates, 35 quadratone.
Man Ray
Emmanuelle De l'Ecotais and Katherine Wa, Manfred Heiting
Man Ray
Emmanuelle De l'Ecotais and Katherine Wa, Manfred Heiting
Art: A Sex Book
John Waters, Bruce Hainley With hits such as Hairspray, Pink Flamingos, Serial Mom, and Pecker, John Waters has consistently shocked, outraged, and amused movie audiences around the world. Feted for his singular and controversial vision, he has been described by William S. Burroughs as the "Pope of Trash" and by Time magazine as the "Sultan of Shock."

Now Waters has teamed up with acclaimed art critic and curator Bruce Hainley to offer a unique, provocative, and personal interpretation of sex and sexuality today through the window of contemporary art. Andy Warhol, Larry Clark, Richard Kern, Sarah Lucas, Cy Twombly, Lily van der Stokker, Vincent Fecteau, Karen Kilimnik, and Paul McCarthy are among the seventy well-known artists whose work they have selected. "Contemporary art is's all about sex," Waters tells us in the introduction, and in the book he and Hainley have chosen and carefully arranged a wide selection of recent works, from startling graphic depictions of the body and sexual acts to abstract images suggesting or inviting different ideas and concepts of the erotic.

In a frank and often hilarious conversation, presented in three parts, the authors talk about their choices and explain the pairing and juxtaposition of the works. Along the way, they consider many of the issues raised by the art and discuss—with humor and seriousness alike—how art reflects attitudes toward sex and the body in today's world. Questionnaires devised by Waters and Hainley for the artists offer further insights into sex and its relationship with art, while the authors' lists of favorite "sex reads" provide inspiration for further reading.

This remarkable and original book will appeal to anyone interested in exploring the place of sex within contemporary society, and in discovering how sex inspires and challenges today's leading artists. 176 illustrations, 143 in color.
Out/Lines: Gay Underground Erotic Graphics From Before Stonewall
Thomas Waugh Gay male representation of sexuality has a long history of varied visibility and acceptance, but the 100 or so years of queer life before Stonewall were a period of unprecedented self-identification as well as renewed pressure to hide and suppress the erotic imagery of gay men in western culture. Out/Lines features a resurrection of erotic gay images, once virtually buried and invisible, that circulated in clandestine communities whose sexualized visibility was a potentially devastating risk—a wealth of approximately 200 previously unpublished "obscene" images from the queer pre-Stonewall underground.

Drawn mainly from American, German, Italian, and French sources, these images will both broaden and tantalize our view of queer culture with a surprising range of historical styles and motifs. While many of the artists remain anonymous or unknown, some have begun to have increasing notoriety on the erotic gay market. Works include images from a 1945 booklet of 20 unofficial illustrations for Jean Genet’s Our Lady of the Flowers; the British artist known as "Hank," whose steamy couplets called "Homo Hotel" featured hot, horny sailors and Cliff Richards haircuts; the increasingly well-known American artist Neel Bate, whose nom de crayon was "Blade"; and numerous contemporaries and admirers of the legendary erotic artist Tom of Finland.

Waugh’s narrative considers both fantasy and history by exploring the cultural and erotic dynamics and the social context in which these secret, sexualized images were created and collected. Historically rigorous and aesthetically explicit, Out/Lines is sure to shock and astonish.

Thomas Waugh teaches film studies at Montreal’s Concordia University. He is a critic, public lecturer, and festival programmer, and is the author of Hard to Imagine: Gay Male Eroticism in Photography and Film from their Beginnings to Stonewall.
Bruce Weber
Bruce Weber
The Art of Arousal
Ruth K. Westheimer This is a celebration of one hundred of the most erotic paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings from diverse eras and cultures, coupled together with revealing commentaries about their sexual and aesthetic content. Erotic encounters have been celebrated by artists from the beginning of time. Presenting a wide range of provocative images, this irresistible volume chronicles a startling variety of sensual relationships from flirtation and seduction through consummation to blissful exhaustion. Dr. Ruth explores every element of sexuality expressed in these works of art, including the pleasures of looking, creative masturbation, and the effects on male and female pleasure of the various positions depicted. All the works have been chosen to meet two criteria: everyone portrayed must be having a good time and each image must satisfy a high aesthetic standard.
Sex: Portraits of Passion
John Williams An arousing selection of extremely sensuous and explicit artwork and photographs, combined with passionate prose and poetry. Divided into themed chapters that follow the course of a love affair, each section is introduced by a brief essay, followed by powerful images with extended captions about the works and the artists, together with literary quotes from great writers on love and sex.
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex
A & Vander, L & Fisher, O and many other authorities Willy